Additional Ways To Make Great Mobile Sites

4) Your mobile site does not have to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. Stop trying to be something you are not with your site. This goes for your web site and your mobile site. Take who you are and apply it to what you have. Your users are going to look to you for authenticity. If you are not being authentic with your mobile site and design, then how can you expect your users to believe in you?


5) Your mobile content can not be the same as your web content. There is a reason why there is the “bridge and unabridged”. There are some instances where you will need to minimize things. There are going to be instances when you need to add things. It’s up to you to keep the two balanced. Your mobile site needs to be an unabridged version of what you are already offering, with a few extra touches. Choose your content and images wisely.

6) Your mobile site is not supposed to look like a mobile app. Why do people use mobile sites? It’s because it’s an extension of what you already have. It’s not to put up a “phony front”. Try to design your mobile site to balance out your brand and what it is. Your customers are buying into you and who your brand is, not the app itself. There has to be a distinction somewhere.


7) Never, ever gamble with something you have never done before. If you are unsure of something, take it to the people. Let them see it with their own eyes. If they like it, than great. If they don’t, ask them what could be changed. If your customers are going to be a part of your brand, than their opinion should count for something.

8) The last tips is one of the best ones we have in our arsenal. Just because you are done with something, that doesn’t mean it’s done with you. Keep improving upon it. Like I said before, it’s like how you work on yourself. You are always going to be a work-in-progress. Your mobile site is too. Keep improving on what you have. If something worked well for you, try something else. Your customers want to see new things on your mobile site all the time. Never rely on the same old, same old.