Finger Friendly Mobility

Finger-Friendly Save The Day Every Time

You know your fingers get used to working on the computer? The keyboard is designed expressly for finger-mobility. Well, the same thing needs to be factored in with your mobile device. I hate to say this, but people are lazy. No one wants to put forth the effort to find something on their mobile device. They want finger-accessibility right away.

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Keep this in mind when designing certain add-ons. Your audience needs to locate something with ease and comfort. Your audience needs to be able to punch in some numbers, without having to try. If someone gets an error message just by typing in the wrong code, than is going to spell disaster for your site.

Most target buttons needs to be about 45-47 pixels. If you go any higher or lower, it will affect who sees you and when. It will also affect how many people stay with you. If a user can’t get to you through the mobile device, they might just ditch you as a company on the computer. I don’t want to see this happen to you. Please take these suggestions to heart. This will have an affect on how people see you and your brand. It will also mean the difference between having a large number of user, as opposed to only a few.